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Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, and when they do, you need to know exactly how to respond. With the right training, you could save a life. A & B First Aid Training is an accredited company that offers first aid courses in Parramatta to equip people of all ages and all skill sets to respond to emergencies in the workplace or at home. It doesn’t take heaps of your time and money because our aim is to share life-changing skills with you for those moments when help is not immediately at your disposal.

A & B First Aid Training is a proudly Australian company dedicated to helping as many Australians as we can because we believe that all life is precious. Our first aid and CPR courses are offered Australia-wide, with Parramatta being one of our focused locations. If you are in the Parramatta region, take advantage of our child care first aid, first aid and CPR training courses. Child care centres, businesses and parents can all learn how to act in an emergency situation with our highly recommended training courses that have been learnt and put into use by hundreds of happy clients.

What You Will Learn

> First aid skills for home & the workplace

> Infection control set skills

> How to assist clients with medication

> How to identify injury

> Basic anatomy & physiology

> How to access immediate ambulance response

> How to safely use equipment & resources

> Immobilisation for fractures, sprains, etc.

> How to manage bleeding & shock

> Incident reporting

> How to perform CPR on adults & children

Proudly Serving Parramatta With Quality First Aid Courses

Now, the people of Parramatta can easily access quality first aid training nearby. With our help, you could save someone’s life. The best part is that our training courses are not intensive or time-consuming, but you will still gain quality skills and learn all that you need to know about first aid at your own pace. We believe that the Parramatta community deserves accessible, affordable courses in first aid and CPR, which is why we have extended our courses to this area.

First Aid

In our first aid training course in Parramatta, you will become more confident and knowledgeable about handling emergency health situations. For example, what do you do if someone chokes at the office or cuts themselves? What do you do if someone is injured by heavy machinery and is bleeding heavily? When is it okay to move an injured person? These are just some of the questions that will become crystal clear to you when you take our first aid course. Learn from the experts and obtain a certificate from a reputable source.

Child Care First Aid

In this course, you can expect to learn specifically about first aid for children since their bodies are different to adults and require specialised care. This course is particularly useful to anyone in a childcare environment, such as an early learning centre, daycare, or school. Parents with young children can also benefit from this highly informative, life-saving course that will give you essential skills to get your child or student safely out of a dangerous situation.


Ever wondered how to do CPR and when or where it will be needed? Learn exactly when and how to apply CPR and when not to use this method. This short course will teach you all you need to know about saving someone who is choking in the safest and most effective way without harming them or damaging any vital organs. You will also learn how to access emergency assistance quickly when needed.

Outstanding Google Reviews From Happy Clients

Consider our Google Reviews to determine if these first-aid training courses are for you. First aid may not be on everyone’s list of priorities, but it is definitely something we should all learn at some point in life. A & B First Aid Training has had the honour of training some of the most wonderful individuals and teams in Parramatta. See some of our reviews from happy clients to get a glimpse of the quality service that we provide.

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